Robot ballbar test

The ballbar test allows you to measure the accuracy of a robot using a telescoping ballbar measurement device. You can regularly run the ballbar test to have a record of your robot's degradation.

Robot ballbar test features

  • Have a record of the robot degradation
  • Fully Automated generation of the circular path
  • Fully Automated measurement acquisition
  • Ballbar measurement device widely available and affordable
  • Best alternative to ISO 9283 performance tests
  • API available for customization
  • Most robot manufacturers supported
  • Compare the robot accuracy before and after calibration

The test is done in 3 steps:

  1. Generate the robot program - 3:31
  2. Make the data acquisition - 4:20
  3. Generate a PDF report - 5:42

The ballbar test allows you to validate the following:

  • Accuracy of the robot only (constant TCP orientation) - 5:01
  • Accuracy of the robot plus tool (moving the TCP orientation) - 6:08

Are you a robot manufacturer? RoboDK's ballbar test is the most versatile and affordable way to certify your robots!

This test was performed at CoRo laboratory.