RoboDK Shape Add-In

The RoboDK Shape Add-In allows you to easily create shapes in the RoboDK station environment. With the RoboDK Shape Add-In, you can easily create and add 3D models of boxes, spheres, cones, cylinders, conveyors, pedestals, tables, and robot cell fences.

The RoboDK Shape Add-in also allows you to define dimensions and configuration parameters for the shapes you create. A preview is available to check that the result is correct.

You can set any color and transparency for the shapes you are planning to create.

You can find the RoboDK Shape add-in in the Add-ins section of the library:

Addin Shape - Image 1


If you already have RoboDK with the Add-In Manager plugin installed (available from v5.5.4 (2023-02-06) onwards), the only action you need to do is to install Shape Add-In from RoboDK Online Library.

Addin Shape - Image 2


This section shows basic Shape Add-In functions.

Addin Shape - Image 3

The shape Add-In window contains following functional elements:

1. Tab area for the shape selection.

2. Selected shape parameters area.

3. Check box to use inches (millimeters used by default)

4. Preview option

5. Color and transparency selection

6. Shape creation

7. Shape sketch with the parameter's descriptions


You can create box specifying dimensions (X, Y, Z).

Addin Shape - Image 4


You can create sphere specifying radius (R) and quality parameters.

Addin Shape - Image 5


You can create cone specifying dimensions (R1, R2, H) and quality parameters.

Addin Shape - Image 6


You can create conveyor specifying dimensions (X, Y, R).

Addin Shape - Image 7


You can create pedestal specifying dimensions (R1, R2, R3, H1, H2, H3).

Addin Shape - Image 8


You can create table specifying dimensions (X, Y, R, H1, H2).

Addin Shape - Image 9


You can create fence specifying panels dimensions (X, Z) and sections number (Xn, Yn).

Addin Shape - Image 10