Export simulation

It is possible to export simulations as a 3D HTML or 3D PDF as well as distribute your station as a simplified version of RoboDK (RoboDK Viewer).

You can generate 3D HTML and 3D PDF documents following these steps:

1.Right click your program (Main Program in this example)

2.Select Getting Started - Image 53 Export Simulation…

3.Select Start. The program will start and the simulation will record until the program is completed.

4.Save the file. After the file is saved it will be automatically opened and you can preview the result.

HTML and PDF simulations are saved as one single file. Compressing an HTML file will remarkably reduce its size. PDF simulations must be opened with Acrobat Reader (not a browser).

The following links are examples of 3D HTML simulations:




And the following links are examples of 3D PDF simulations:




Getting Started - Image 54

Another way of exporting 3D simulations is by generating a self-extracting EXE file or a ZIP file with a reduced version of RoboDK, as shown in the following image.

To generate this file:

1.Select FileGetting Started - Image 55 Make a demo station.

2.Select the preferred output (ZIP or EXE format).

3.Select Generate file.

After a few seconds, it will generate the desired file (20 MB in size approximately) which is a simplified version of RoboDK. The project will automatically be displayed when RoboDK Viewer opens.

Getting Started - Image 56

The following link provides the result of generating this project as a self-extracting EXE file: