File Menu

It is possible to Open, Save or export documents from the File menu.

Interface - Image 28 New Station will add a new station in the tree. One station can be loaded or saved as one RDK file. The RDK file (RDK extension) holds all the information about the robots and objects so it is not required to keep a separate copy of the imported items.

Interface - Image 29 Open will load a new RoboDK file (RDK Station) or import any other recognized file formats, such as .robot for robot files, STEP/IGES/STL for objects, .tool for tool files, etc.

Interface - Image 30 Open online library will show a new window with the library available online.

Interface - Image 31 Save Station will save the RDK file. Select Interface - Image 32 Save Station as… to provide the file location.

Interface - Image 33 Make a demo station will export the station as an EXE file with a simplified version of RoboDK.

Interface - Image 34 Export Simulation will export a specific program or simulation as a 3D PDF or 3D HTML file. Example.

Interface - Image 35