Troubleshooting Python setup in RoboDK

If you installed RoboDK after installing Python, RoboDK may fail to properly run Python scripts or generate programs. This section shows the steps you should follow to properly set the Python interpreter in RoboDK and run Python scripts without issues.

You should follow these steps if you see an error message such as: “Set the path to the Python interpreter in Tools-Options-Python” or “Failed to run Python script. Set the path to the Python interpreter in: Tools-Options-Python tab”.

Follow these steps to properly setup the Python interpreter path if you already have Python installed:

1.Select the Start Menu on Windows and type python.

2.Right click the Python version you would like to use with RoboDK and select Open file location.

RoboDK API - Image 12

Repeat this procedure on the folder that opens:

3.Right click on Python 3.7 and select Open file location.

RoboDK API - Image 13

4.Select Copy on the path in the path title bar.

RoboDK API - Image 14

Provide the Python path in RoboDK settings:

5.Open RoboDK.

6.Select Tools-Options.

7.Select the Python tab.

8.Paste the path in the Python interpreter box adding /python.exe, as shown in the next image. Using forward slashes or backslashes should both work.

RoboDK API - Image 15