Filter Programs using the API

It is possible to filter a complete program using RoboDK given a calibrated robot and the robot program using the FilterProgram call:


A macro example called FilterProgram is available in the Macros section of the library. The following code is an example Python script that uses the RoboDK API to filter a program.

from robolink import*# API to communicate with RoboDK

from robodk import*# basic matrix operations

import os                 # Path operations

# Get the current working directory

CWD = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))

# Start RoboDK if it is not running and link to the API

RDK = Robolink()

# optional: provide the following arguments to run behind the scenes

#RDK = Robolink(args='/NOSPLASH /NOSHOW /HIDDEN')

# Get the calibrated station (.rdk file) or robot file (.robot):

# Tip: after calibration, right click a robot and select "Save as .robot"

calibration_file = CWD +'/KUKA-KR6.rdk'

# Get the program file:

file_program = CWD +'/Prog1.src'

# Load the RDK file or the robot file:

calib_item = RDK.AddFile(calibration_file)

ifnot calib_item.Valid():

raise Exception("Something went wrong loading "+ calibration_file)

# Retrieve the robot (no popup if there is only one robot):

robot = RDK.ItemUserPick('Select a robot to filter', ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT)

ifnot robot.Valid():

raise Exception("Robot not selected or not available")

# Activate accuracy


# Filter program: this will automatically save a program copy

# with a renamed file depending on the robot brand

status, summary = robot.FilterProgram(file_program)

if status ==0:

print("Program filtering succeeded")





print("Program filtering failed! Error code: %i"% status)