Measuring the base

These measurements can be performed anywhere in the tool flange if we measure the same target for all the 6 measurements. To start the measurements, select Measure in the Base setup section. The following window will open. Then, select Start Measure and the robot will move sequentially through the scheduled measurements.

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 24

Close the window when the measurements are completed and the Measurements reference frame will be updated with respect to the robot base frame. If we did not select any reference frame, we can add a reference (select ProgramAdd Reference Frame) and place it under the robot base reference (Drag & Drop in the item tree).

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 25

The summary will show the position and orientation or the robot reference frame with respect to the calibration reference frame ([x,y,z,w,p,r] format in mm and radians)