The following items are required to install RoboDK and properly perform robot calibration:

1.One or more industrial robot arms (6-axis robot arm).

2.A measurement system: any laser tracker such as Leica, API or Faro and or optical CMM such as the C-Track stereocamera from Creaform should work.

3.RoboDK software must be installed and an appropriate license for robot calibration testing is required. For network licenses, an internet connection is required to check the license. To install or update RoboDK for robot calibration:

a.Download RoboDK from the download section:

b.Set up the driver for the measurement system (not required for latest Leica trackers)           
Unzip and copy the subfolder in:       
API Laser tracker: (OTII and Radian trackers).   
Faro Laser Tracker: (all Faro Trackers).    
Leica Laser Tracker: (all Leica Trackers).

4.When using a laser tracker, one or more targets should be attached to the robot tool. Make sure to avoid placing the target near axis 6 during the tool setup. Otherwise, it is not possible to properly identify the location of the robot flange.