Robot Mastering

Once the robot has been calibrated, we usually need RoboDK to filter programs, therefore, a RoboDK license is required (a basic OLP license is enough for generating accurate robot programs once the robot has been calibrated). Filtering a program means that the targets in a program are altered/optimized to improve the accuracy of the robot, taking into account all the calibration parameters (about 30 parameters).

Alternatively, we can calibrate only the joint offsets plus the base and tool reference frames (4 joint offset parameters plus 6 parameters for the base frame plus 6 parameters for the tool frame). The calibration will not be as accurate as if we used the default complete calibration but it might allow entering certain parameters in the robot controller and not depend on RoboDK to generate robot programs.

To obtain the calibration only for the joint offsets we must select the Calib. Param. button, then the Mastering button (inside the robot calibration menu).

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 38

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 39

A new window will appear after we select Make mastering program. In this window we can select what axes we want to consider creating the new home position.

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 40

The button Make mastering program will appear in the robot calibration window. Select this button to generate a program that will bring the robot to the new home position. Transfer it to the robot and execute it, then, the new home position must be recorded.

If the robot and the PC are connected, we can right click the program and select Send Program to Robot to automatically send the program to the robot. Otherwise, we can select Generate robot program to see new joint values for the home position.

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 41

As an example, we must follow the next steps to update home position for Motoman robots.

We must first run the program “MASTERING” to bring the robot to the new home position.

Once the program is in the controller we must log in as “Management mode” (password for Motoman robots is usually 99999999) and we need to be in Teach mode. The following images show the steps that must be followed.

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 42Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 43

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 44Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 45

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 46Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 47

Make sure to update the home position for all robot joints.

Once the home position is set, we must delete the robot program that brought the robot to the new home position.