Optimization parameters

Given a preferred tool orientation, the robot can have a certain freedom to turn around the Z axis of the tool. This allows the robot to solve the program avoiding robot singularities, joint limits and making sure all points are reachable. By default, RoboDK allows the tool to rotate up to +/-180 degrees around the TCP axis by increments of 20 deg.

It is recommended to constrain this rotation depending on the application. For example, it is possible to enter +/-90 degrees to constrain the allowed rotation by half. Decreasing this parameter will also reduce the processing time to obtain the program.

If some points of the path are not reachable, it is recommended to rotate the reference frame or to be more permissive with the tool Z rotation. The reference frame can be moved by holding the Alt key and dragging the coordinate system to better fit the part inside the robot workspace.

Robot Machining - Image 15