Techman-Omron Robots

Techman robots can be programmed from RoboDK using Script commands/files sent via TCP/IP when the robot is in a Listen Node.

Retrieve the robot IP

The IP of the robot is required execute programs directly from RoboDK. The IP of the robot can be retrieved from the About menu in the main screen.

Run a Program on the Techman robot

Once a robot simulation is ready in RoboDK it is possible to generate a SCRIPT program to load on the robot:

1.Select Connect➔Connect robot

2.Enter the robot IP

3.Enter the port 5890

4.Right click your program

5.Select Generate robot program F6.

You’ll obtain 2 files a SCRIPT file and a PY file. You should execute the PY file to transfer and run the program on the robot.

Robots Techman Omron - Image 1

For the program to run automatically, the robot needs to be in Listen mode. This is accomplished using a Listen Node. The following image shows a suggested program workflow to have a program that executes the program sent from RoboDK automatically. It is recommended to select Print received data in log to troubleshoot issues.

Robots Techman Omron - Image 2 Robots Techman Omron - Image 3