Techman-Omron Robots

Techman robots can be programmed offline from RoboDK using TMFlow ZIP files. It is also possible to use the robot driver and generate script commands/files that are sent via TCP/IP when the robot is in a Listen Node.

Transfer a file via USB

Using the default post processor, you’ll obtain your program as a ZIP file. You should prepare a USB drive with the following characteristics to properly load the file on the robot:

1.Name the USB drive TMROBOT (this step is important).

2.Create a new folder called TM_Export at the root of your drive.

3.Create a new folder inside TM_Export with your project (any name should work).

4.Create a new folder inside the previous folder called Projects.

5.Place the ZIP programs inside the Projects folder.

Robots Techman Omron - Image 1

Follow these steps to load the program in TMFlow:

1. Save the ZIP file created from RoboDK to the USB drive in the folder following the previous steps.

2. Select the main menu➔System➔Import/Export

3. Select Import and select your folder in TM_Export

4. Select Project and select your ZIP program(s)

5. Select TCP

6. Check the option Import from Project ➔ Yes

7. Select your program and select the tools in your program to make sure you load them.

8. Select Import

Your program will now be available when you select to open new programs.


Robots Techman Omron - Image 2

Run a Program on the Techman robot

Once a robot simulation is ready in RoboDK it is possible to generate a SCRIPT program to load on the robot:

1.Select Connect➔Connect robot

2.Enter the robot IP

3.Enter the port 5890

4.Right click your program

5.Select Generate robot program F6.

You’ll obtain 2 files a SCRIPT file and a PY file. You should execute the PY file to transfer and run the program on the robot.

Robots Techman Omron - Image 3

For the program to run automatically, the robot needs to be in Listen mode. This is accomplished using a Listen Node. The following image shows a suggested program workflow to have a program that executes the program sent from RoboDK automatically. It is recommended to select Print received data in log to troubleshoot issues.

Robots Techman Omron - Image 4 Robots Techman Omron - Image 5