How to load a URP program

The following steps summarize the procedure to load a URP file on the Universal Robots robot.

1.Right click the program and select Select Post Processor

2.Select Universal Robots URP         
These first 2 steps are optional as the default post also generates a URP file, however, it will allow you to generate a user-readable URP program instead of a URP program that executes a script file.

3.Right click the program and select Generate robot program (F6)

4.Save the generated URP file(s) to a USB memory disk.

5.Connect the USB memory disk to the robot teach pendant (UR’s Polyscope)

6.On the robot teach pendant: Select the Run tab

7.Select Load Program and load the program generated from RoboDK

8.Select the Program tab and select the Play button to start it

9.Select the Play button to start the program.

Robots Universal Robots - Image 11  Robots Universal Robots - Image 12

 Robots Universal Robots - Image 13  Robots Universal Robots - Image 14