Transfer a Program (FTP)

A SCRIPT program generated from RoboDK (such as by pressing F6) can be transferred to the robot using a USB disk or by FTP transfer if the robot and the computer are connected.

It is recommended to install FileZilla Client on the default path or directly inside the RoboDK install folder so that it is detected automatically by RoboDK:

C:\RoboDK\FileZilla FTP Client\

To transfer a file through FTP:

1.Right click a robot

2.Select Connect to robot...

3.Select Explore. FileZilla Client will open (software for FTP transfer).

4.Select FileSite Manager...

5.Select Universal Robot sample, in Predefined Sites.

6.Select Duplicate. A copy of the Universal Robot setting will be created.

7.Enter the IP of the robot ( in this example).

8.Select Connect.

9.Transfer the SCRIPT file previously generated to the robot.

The SCRIPT programs are usually stored in the folder /Programs/ on the robot controller.

Robots Universal Robots - Image 19