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Is it possible to show me the python source code of the apikuka.exe file that is used to test the connection ?

Thank you.
Hi Konstantinos,

The driver for KUKA robots is not made using Python. The source code of this driver is not public.

Did you need specific modifications?

Hello Albert,

I thought maybe it was the same as the, that's why I assumed it was written in python. I wanted to see how the robodk communicates with the KUKA robot. I have an application where I move the robot using a Kinect sensor and I am experiencing a bit of delay when I am trying to move the robot using RDK.MoveJ(pose) from the python API. I am trying to establish a connection in which i will be able to move the robot in near real -  time. Thus, I thought of communicating directly to the KUKAVARProxy as I only want the MoveJ Command and by passing the RoboDK application. Is there a way of doing that?

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