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Add-In for Rhino - Is it possible to send geometry directly from Grasshopper?

I know it is possible to send geometry like mesh to RoboDK from Rhino, but is it possible to send geometry directly from Grasshopper to RoboDK?
In grasshopper,there are 3 types of components, Curve, point and File, but there is no Load part and Auto setup component.
If it is not possible, How can I solve it?

Thank you
It is currently not possible to load 3D models using a Grasshopper components.

On the other hand, this should be simple to implement using a command line option or a custom Python script triggered from Grasshopper. Do you know how to run a Python script or a command line option in Grasshopper?

It would be great if you can provide a sample project where you would like to see the geometry being loaded, we can then take it into account as a feature request and improve the plugin.
I tried to make program to send data from grasshopper. But I dont know how to generate flame RoboDK in pyhton. Give me some advice please.

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Hi Otani,

Looking at your images I feel like you mean creating "Frames with Python in RoboDK".

To do so, you can use this command: AddFrame()

More details here:

Once it's created, you can modify the position by using "SetPose()".


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