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Download older versions of RoboDK
Hi there,

Is it possible to download older versions of RoboDK?

I recently upgraded to RoboDK 3.6 and I'm having issues post-processing large programs. It seems much slower now. I'd like to try the same programs with the last version I used that was working. I think it was 3.4.6, but it would be great to step back through and try each version.

Many thanks

Hi Julian,

Yes, you can just change the version number in the download link. For example, if you are looking for the version 3.4.6 you can take the download from this link:

Hi Albert.

Thanks. I'm actually looking for the Mac version and the download link for Mac has no version number so I'm not sure of the format. I tried the following:


Is it possible you could list some links for older Mac versions?

Many thanks!

Hi Julian,

You can take the posts from the Windows version and copy them in the Mac posts folder.
We just released a new update for Mac with a few fixes:

What post processor are you using?


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