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Mitsubishi CR2B 574 Controller with RH-12SH5535-S12
Hi Thomas,

Ok, good.
Let me know if there's any issue regarding the license.

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(02-19-2021, 10:52 AM)thomas Wrote: Hi Jeremy,

it seems that the Problem occurs by the answer of the Robot Controller. The response of JPOSF is for example QoKJ1;-34.740;J2;4.390;J3;379.340;J4;62.250;;****,****;5;0.00;00000000. The problem seems to be "****,****"
For joint moving i have a quick and dirty solution, but now i faced with the problem of linear movements. Doing a linear movement results only in "Sending command..." in protocol window.
(see attached log line 106-108)
BTW, is there a more detailed debug output of roboDK possible by a parameter or somthing else?

Best regards,

Hi Jeremy,

Is there an updated driver for 4-axis SCARA robots available? I would like to go on with testing the real robot position monitoring.

Best regards, 

Hello Thomas,

I've updated the Mitsubishi driver and tested it with a slightly modified version of your station, I modified the joint limits to match the RH-12FRH7035-D and I moved the targets to a place the robot could reach with the new joint limits. 

The new driver should be included with future robodk versions as of tomorrow, if you check the log the startup message should read "RoboDK Driver v2.2 for Mitsubishi robot controllers"

Thank you,


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.rdk   mitsuTested.rdk (Size: 145.85 KB / Downloads: 74)
Hi Phillip,

Thanks a lot for your help. I've downloaded the newest version of RoboDk for Windows.
1.) The driver looks better. I get the position and also the joint movement works.
2.) Unfortunately the linear movement did not work with 4 axis SCARA.
3.) With the old driver the SETSPEED, SETTOOL and SETROUNDING also did not work. Do you already checked these commands in the new driver, too?

Best regards,


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