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Modify kinematic parameters dynamically or create targets as variables

Is there any workaround to modify kinematic parameters dynamically? I have the measurements and I know the deviation of each robot joint during the warm-up period and I would like to modify the kinematic parameters as a function of time or temperature. Or it is possible to create the targets as variables (via script or a modified post processor ?). 

What I am trying to achieve is to correct the robot targets or joint values during the warm-up period in hope of improving at least a little the robot's repeatability or precision. 

Does anyone knows if it is possible to add such a parameter in the robot programming file (external temperature or at least a time counter from the robot start) and create some variables function of these?

Best regards,
Hi Cozmin,

Take a look at this:

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Hello again,

I am still struggling a little with trying to modify some kinematic parameters of IRB 140 robot. Is there any way to model a mechanism that has more parameters ? What I mean is I have placed the reference frame of each joint as close as I could in their real positions.  That means reference frames are not all aligned in a middle plane.

Do you think is any workaround to create such mechanism and compute inverse-kinematic?
Check attached images, it will be much clear what I mean.

Thank you,

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