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Roty around arbitrary axis
Hi everyone, I've been dealing with an issue in my RoboDK project lately and I hope someone can help me figure the solution out.
I need to apply a rotation on the gripper (I'm using the roty function) around the y axis of a specific frame instead of the target one.
Is there some way I can do that? Thanks a lot in advance!
You should adjust the rotation locally, apply the rotation you need, then undo the local rotation. Example:

pose_rotated = pose * orient_adjustment * roty(y_rotation_rad) * orient_adjustment .inv()

Now the trick is how to properly calculate the pose to adjust the orientation properly. This can be calculated as follows:
# pose_frame1 is the absolute pose of reference you want to edit
# pose_frame2 is the absolute pose of the coordinate system you want to refer to
orient_adjustment = pose_frame1.inv() * pose_frame2
Thank you a lot Albert! Much appreciated!

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