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Send Speed change to robot
Hi Albert,

We got it working.
But with one little thing.
It disconnects and connects again every time we send the command.

What can that be?


RDK = robolink.Robolink()

robot = RDK.Item("R1 ARM", robolink.ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT)


robot.setParam("Driver", "SET $OV_PRO 50")

ov_pro = robot.setParam("Driver", "GET $OV_PRO")
It is great to hear you got it working.

Regarding the reconnection, do you see any warning messages on the KUKA teach pendant?
Does it work better if you comment the robot.Connect() line?
Can you send us the print screen of the connection log trying to reconnect after it connected?
(as you shared in your previous post)
Hi Albert,

Big thanks for all the help so far.

Commenting the robot.Connect() did not change it.

I also send a video to your mailbox.


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Hi Albert,

Works perfect now !

Mega, Mega thanks to all the team at RoboDK for the help.

Thank you for your feedback Rick!

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