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Where to start as a beginner?

So this is probably not the usual type of question here but still i have to take it up. I've been using (learning) RoboDK for a few months now and since I started I knowingly avoided using Python code. (I'm a student at the moment, obviously we learn nothing about such things so I do it as an autodidact..) 
I feel like I can't avoid it anymore.

So my question is: What is the best way to start off? 

Should I start at the very basics of python syntax and programming?
Or is it possible to just learn the part what I use in RoboDK? 

Is there any information online that I MUST read or watch? 
Or should I just open the example stations and browse the code trying to figure out what every line means?
One of the main advantage of Python is its ease of adoption and its supportive community.
You will find plenty of tutorials online to get the basics.

I invite you to take a look at our Python documentation, which includes a bunch of examples related to RoboDK.

Happy learning!
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