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Thread: Record actions to help with Python API
Post: RE: Record actions to help with Python API
This is currently not possible with RoboDK. What type of macro are you trying to program? There are some sample macros here: And more generic inform...
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Thread: APT nc code - wrong arcs
Post: RE: APT nc code - wrong arcs
Thank you for reporting this issue. This has been fixed with the latest version: You should now see the arcs properly. Let us know if you find any other issues importing A...
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Thread: Video card/ Graphics card Nvidia Quadro low performance
Post: RE: Video card/ Graphics card Nvidia Quadro low pe...
Thank you for your feedback. Can you try with the following installer? Let us know if the performance improves. This installer contains the 3D e...
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Thread: Export Simulation with Paths and Origins
Post: RE: Export Simulation with Paths and Origins
What do you mean by a demo? You can select: File-Make a demo station You can generate an EXE or ZIP file that opens a light version of RoboDK Alternatively, you can open existing RDK files with the ...
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Thread: Smoothing or Continuous Move
Post: RE: Smoothing or Continuous Move
RoboDK's rounding instruction has no visual effect in the simulation because each robot controller handles this rounding effect in a different way (controller dependent). This value is mostly meant t...
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Thread: Kawasaki Post Processor not working?
Post: RE: Kawasaki Post Processor not working?
The Kawasaki post processor was updated and is working 3 months ago. If you want to customize your post processor there is more information about RoboDK post processors here:
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Thread: KUKA connection
Post: RE: KUKA connection
The KUKA SRC program files are named the following way for the most up to date versions: RoboDKSynch34.src The last 2 digits represent the version of the robot driver.
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Thread: Access points from an item
Post: RE: Access points from an item
It is currently not possible to extract the points from an object. Something you can do instead is to save it as a station parameter with getParam/setParam:     RDK.setParam('POINTS', str(POINTS)) Sta...
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Thread: Change the joint limits
Post: RE: Change the joint limits
It is currently not possible to change the joint limits through the API. You can change it manually in the Parameters menu of your robot or you can double click the joint limits in the Joint jog menu ...
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Thread: Change tool number?
Post: RE: Change tool number?
You can use the Fanuc post processor called: Fanuc_R30iA (right click a program, select "Select Post Processor"). With this post processor, if you use numbered tools and reference frames it should us...
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Thread: MoveC abb
Post: RE: MoveC abb
The new version includes a post processor with the MoveC command (see post processor attached) and a couple more improvements such as allowing multiple modules generated by RoboDK to remain in the rob...
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Thread: New robot creation
Post: RE: New robot creation
I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I believe there was a problem with the attachment... Once you build a robot or a mechanism you can save it as a .robot file. If you add tools and other mechan...
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Thread: pick/place using robot + linear rail
Post: RE: pick/place using robot + linear rail
Since you have a robot and a linear rail (mechanism) you have to pay attention to what mechanism you are currently using when you define new targets and programs. After you create a target you can rig...
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Thread: Solve_IK Matlab
Post: RE: Solve_IK Matlab
You should use robot.Htool() to get the tool frame and do your own post multiplication. Example using Python: Code:RDK = Robolink()     robot = RDK.ItemUserPick('Select a robot', ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT)   ...
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Thread: Custom Conveyor
Post: RE: Custom Conveyor
There are two different ways to simulate a conveyor belt in RoboDK: Using a Python program: With a python program you can define the work area to automatically grab the parts. You can also better cust...
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Thread: trouble when installing RoboDK on Ubuntu 16.04 (xcb plugin missing)
Post: RE: trouble when installing RoboDK on Ubuntu 16.04...
Follow these steps to install RoboDK for Ubuntu: 1- Download the latest version of RoboDK for Linux from our website: (right now only 64 bit version is available) 2- ...
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Thread: A question
Post: RE: A question
Even though we target small and medium companies to provide affordable and versatile simulation and offline programming solutions, among our customers we have General Electric Global Research, Pratt &...
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Thread: Solve_IK_All
Post: RE: Solve_IK_All
Can you share the code that creates this problem? What robot did you use? If you provide more information it will allow us to fix this issue. The robot.JointsConfig method should return the robot co...
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Thread: Warning: Unsuccessful read:
Post: RE: Warning: Unsuccessful read:
There are two versions of the RoboDK API for Matlab (attached here): 1- One requires the Matlab Instrument Control Toolbox, distributed by default with RoboDK until September 2016. 2- Another one that...
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Thread: Create graphics by code
Post: RE: Create graphics by code
Helo Jorge, It is possible to add your own objects and place them where you want, including tool objects. You can also create object shapes and curves/lines with the API using the following Python m...
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Thread: SCARA robot
Post: RE: SCARA robot
You can create Scara robots by selecting: Utilities->Add Mechanism or Robot [Image:] The following video shows how to create a 6-axis robot: [...
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Thread: License
Post: RE: License
Hello Federico, The trial license has most features unlocked for 30 days. After 30 days you will still be able to use RoboDK for simple projects, for example, simulating 1 robot and generating 30 lin...
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Thread: Kawasaki Post Processor not working?
Post: RE: Kawasaki Post Processor not working?
Dear Federico, We do not officially support Kawasaki robots yet as we do not have the post processor for these robots. We will soon have the Kawasaki post processor for offline programming with our de...
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Thread: Python scripts communication
Post: RE: Python scripts communication
Hi Federico, This question is more Python related and you might get better help in a forum dedicated to Python. However, RoboDK comes with one multi-threaded example that controls 3 robots at the ...
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Thread: Importation limits
Post: RE: Importation limits
When you import STEP or IGES files they are triangulated. If the files are complex it might slow down the load time. To make it faster you can reduce the quality of the imported surfaces by following ...
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Thread: Is it possble to create an auxiliary axis?
Post: RE: Is it possble to create an auxiliary axis?
Yes. You can select "CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D" to enter in developer mode. Then, you can right click a robot and select "Modify robot". Doing so you will be able to invert the robot axes and update the ...
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Thread: Measure Tool
Post: RE: Measure Tool
The buttons "Measure point", "Snap on corners" and "Absolute" are switches that can be activated or deactivated. To measure the points when you click with the mouse you must activate "Measure point"....
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Thread: Split object .stp
Post: RE: Split object .stp
In RoboDK you can export objects as STL files. The ".cadobj" file format is used by RoboDK and can't be converted back to STP format. The "Split object" is not available through the API. This option i...
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Thread: IRB 1400 Postprocessor Question
Post: RE: IRB 1400 Postprocessor Question
The following video will give you an overview to create or modify Post Processors: For example, to modify the existing ABB post processor you can select ...
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Thread: Limits of the web downloaded version
Post: RE: Limits of the web downloaded version
Hi Mecch, The free version has some limitations. For example, it does not allow you to export robot programs of more than 50 lines. We can provide free educational licenses. Please send us an email...
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