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Thread: Change the joint limits
Post: Change the joint limits
Hi, I know that with JointLimits(self) you can read the joint limits. But is it possible to change the joint limits? Because in the real robot  it is always less than the nominal values. Hamid
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Thread: Solve_IK Matlab
Post: Solve_IK Matlab
Hi, RL.Solve_IK(T) in Matlab does not consider the tool frame and returns the answer for robot flange. There are also multiple problems with Matlab. Solve_IK_All( ) doesn't work properly. Get_Htool()...
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Thread: Solve_IK_All
Post: Solve_IK_All
Hi all, I wanted to use "RL.Solve_IK_All" to have all the inverse kinematics solutions of a robot, in order to make sure that the robot stay in the same working mode always. But in Matlab, it seems t...
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Thread: Warning: Unsuccessful read:
Post: Warning: Unsuccessful read:
Hi all, I get this warning when trying to use "world=RL.Get_Item('New station(1)')". I'm using matlab. "Warning: Unsuccessful read:  The specified amount of data was not returned within the Timeout ...
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Thread: No appropriate method, property, or field 'getParam' for class 'Robolink'.
Post: No appropriate method, property, or field 'getPara...
This is the code: % Generate a Robolink object RL. This object interfaces with RoboDK. RL = Robolink; % Get the library path path = RL.getParam('PATH_LIBRARY'); and I get this error: No appropria...
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Thread: Connection to Matlab
Post: Connection to Matlab
 I get this error sometimes: Error using Robolink/Connect (line 264) application path is not correct or could not start: Error in Robolink (line 206)             Connect(this); Error in test (line ...
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