Generate Robot Program

Once you have the simulation ready in RoboDK you can easily generate the robot program so you can execute the program on the robot controller without having to write a single line of code.

You can export any program individually or the main program including the subprograms:

1.Right click a program (MainProg for example).

2.Select Generate robot program (F6).           
Alternatively, select Generate robot program… to specify the location to save the file.

3.The SCRIPT program for UR robot will be displayed in a text editor.

The file you obtain is the result of generating the program offline. The file can be sent to the robot controller to run the same movements that were simulated in RoboDK.

   Select Send program to robot (Ctrl+F6) to send the program through FTP (Offline Programming)

   Check the option Run on Robot to run the program step by step each time we run the program (Online Programming). This allows executing the program on the robot as it is simulated at the same time. Robot drivers are required for Online Programming.

Getting Started - Image 53

It is possible to change the post processor for UR robots and customize the way a program is generated:

1.Right click a program or a robot.

2.Select Getting Started - Image 54 Select Post Processor.

3.Select Universal Robots URP.

Generate the program again. In this example, the default post processor uses joint values to define each linear move and the second post processor uses cartesian coordinates to define each linear move.