Select a robot

New robots can be added to your project from your PC or from RoboDK’s online library.

Follow these steps to choose a robot from the online library:

1.Select FileGetting Started - Image 6 Open Robot Library (Ctrl+Shift+O). A new website should open showing the online library. You can also open the library by selecting the corresponding button in the toolbar.

1.Use the filters to find your robot by brand, payload, etc. In this example, we’ll use a Universal Robots UR10 robot (10 kg payload robot and 1.3 m reach).

2.Select Open and the robot should automatically appear in the station in a few seconds. Alternatively, you can download the robot file and open it in RoboDK by drag and dropping the file into the window.

3.The online library can be closed once you loaded your robot.

The default location of this example project is: C:/RoboDK/Library/Tutorial-UR-Painting.rdk.

Getting Started - Image 7