Manual Install

These are manual steps to setup the RoboDK plug-in for Inventor. You should follow these steps if the RoboDK plug-in for Inventor was not automatically installed by default using the RoboDK installer:

1.Install Autodesk Inventor (if you haven’t done it yet).

2.Download and install RoboDK.

3.Download the RoboDK plugin for Inventor.

4.Unzip the RoboDK plug-in for Inventor folder in C:\RoboDK\Other\Plugin-Inventor\

Unblock the DLL file (if applicable):

5.Right click the file RoboDKInventorAddIn.exe and select Properties.

6.Select Unblock and Apply.

Plugin Inventor - Image 14

Install the RoboDK plug-in in Inventor:

7.Run the Plugin_Install_RunAsAdministrator.bat file as Administrator: Right click the BAT file and select Run as Administrator.


Plugin Inventor - Image 15

8.Start Autodesk Inventor and go to ToolsAdd-Ins. You should see the RoboDK Add-In for Inventor.

Plugin Inventor - Image 16