Measuring the reference targets

It is recommended to measure a calibration reference frame, attached to the robot base, this will be helpful if we want to move the tracker during calibration or compare two robot calibrations. The calibration reference frame must be defined by 3 tangible points.

We can skip this step if we are not going to move the tracker with respect to the robot or we do not need to recover the home position for axis 1. In this case, the reference of the laser tracker will be used.

We should follow these steps every time the laser tracker is moved:

1.Select ConnectConnect laser tracker.

2.Set the IP of the laser tracker and select connect (if laser tracker is not connected).

3.Set the calibration reference and the tracker reference as shown in the image. The calibration reference is also known as “Measurements reference”.

4.Select Set Base targets.

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 19

RoboDK will guide the user with the menus shown in the next image. The position of the laser tracker will be updated automatically with respect to the calibration reference when the procedure is completed.

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 20

Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 21Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 22Robot Calibration LaserTracker - Image 23