Import Curves

Curves can be imported in RoboDK from a CSV file or a text file by selecting UtilitiesImport Curve. A new item will appear in the station showing the curve as an object.

Robot Machining - Image 25

Robot Machining - Image 26

The file can be a text file with the 3D coordinates of each point of the curve. Optionally, the orientation of the Z axis of the tool can be provided as an i,j,k vector. All coordinates must be relative to the coordinate system of the part.

Optionally, existing curves of an object can be exported as a CSV file (right click a curve, then, select Export curve), modified and reimported back in RoboDK.

Robot Machining - Image 27

More information and examples on how to customize import of CSV or TXT files as curves or points is available in the examples section of the RoboDK API.