External axes

You should be able to use the driver with KUKA robots even when you use external axes. On the other hand, it is recommended to use a numbered coordinate system or a coordinate system you have defined on your robot controller. By following this procedure, you don’t need to perfectly match the kinematics of your external axes in RoboDK.

For example, to be able to use the RoboDK driver by default, the kinematics of your external axes defined in the robot controller should match the kinematics created in RoboDK. Also, if you have a turntable, the root point of the turntable should match the position of the turntable defined in RoboDK.

Follow these steps to use the driver using a known coordinate system:

1.Select ToolsOptionsDrivers tab.

2.Check the option Provide Cartesian coordinates with respect to the reference.

Robots KUKA - Image 16

3.Replace the $BASE variable of your RoboDKsynch.src program file by the coordinate system you want to use.

For example, if you want to use the base reference frame number 5, the RoboDKsync.src file should look like this (the first line is commented, you should find it around line 25):

; $BASE = {FRAME: X 0,Y 0,Z 0,A 0,B 0,C 0}


This coordinate system must have been defined in the KUKA robot controller and RoboDK will not override this value.