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Сonvert program to python
I have the following question:
I have created a simple "Pick and place" program. By clicking on "MainProgram" the robot executes the program. 
And I'm wondering if it's possible to convert this "MainProgram" to python? So that it can be opened in the robodk and it does the same thing as the "MainProgram" does?

Hope you will understand what i mean.
Thank you!

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You can automatically generate a Python scrip from your program in RoboDK by using the Quine post processor.

You can follow these steps to do so:
  1. Right click your program
  2. Select "Select Post Processor"
  3. Select the Quine post processor
  4. (optional) Select-Tools-Options-Program and check the option to Inline subprograms
  5. Right click the program and select Generate

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