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Driver to Kawasaki robots
Where we can find the DRIVERS for Kawasaki robots in RoboDK?
In the folder iindcated, this brand this does not appear...
Thank you!

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We currently do not support drivers for Kawasaki robots. On the other hand, the controller probably supports FTP file transfer.

Do you have any documentation you can share regarding how to connect a Kawasaki robot with a PC?
I can help you with that.

Would DLL class libraries for Kawasaki robots TCP/IP connection, including full help file and usage examples be of any use to you? Got a fully operational remote control Kawasaki D/E-controller software written up based on it in C# [beta version screen attached], so I hope it shouldn't be a problem to write a basic driver in RoboDK. 

I can help with testing and development if this could speed up the process.


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