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RoboDK Driver Issues, Fanuc R-J3iB Controller

I am trying to run Fanuc M6-iB robot with R-J3iB controller using RoboDK. The core software version is Handling Tool 6.4, Socket Messaging (including MSG_CONNECT, MSG_DISCO) and PC Interface options are properly installed. However, it seems that the file RDK_S3.pc from the folder V6-V7-V8, which needs to be copied to the controller can't be recognized, because it is compiled in a higher version of the Karel runtime (version too new error).  Other TP files that need to be copied are readable except the GO_PROG.TP. 

Is it possible to find the RDK_S3 Karel source project and tweak it a bit so that it would compatible with older R-J3iB? 


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