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3 Jaw Centric Gripper Tool

Hi Jeremy,

I tried to make a Schunk centric gripper tool with 3 moving jaws.  I only see the option to make a mechanism for 2 jaws in the same plane.  Is there a way to make such a 3 jaw gripper that opens and closes ?  I attached the model files.


Attached Files
.step   Gripper finger 1.STEP (Size: 299.62 KB / Downloads: 193)
.step   Gripper finger 2.STEP (Size: 299.6 KB / Downloads: 184)
.step   Gripper finger 3.STEP (Size: 299.63 KB / Downloads: 182)
.step   SCHUNK PZN plus 160 Base.STEP (Size: 1.39 MB / Downloads: 196)
Hi John,

There is no feature to create such a mechanism directly in RDK.
But it's possible to be a bit creative and make it work.
Look at this drive link, you should find an Excel sheet.

Look at how to create a linear rail video, then look at the "Pillar" video. (Module 6)
What I would do is create 3 linear mechanisms, offset them by 120 deg, and sync them using the same python script as the middle section of the pillar.

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