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3D Print Project Crashes

Dear all,

I am new to ROBODK and I would like to see if I can use the software for future 3D print projects. Now here is my problem:
Every time I go to Utilities --> 3D print project --> Select object and select the object the software starts doing its processing but when it's done the software just crashes. Does anyone else also experience this problem?

If more information is needed, let me know!
Can you share the RDK project that will allow us to reproduce this crash?
When I waited longer before clicking on the screen again it seemed to have resolved and not crash. I am still curious how long the wait will be with more complex objects but for now this is good for testing. Thanks for your reply!
By default, if Slic3r becomes unresponsive for 30 seconds RoboDK will ignore the output and cancel the operation. This can happen if you have a large 3D print project. 

In that case, I would recommend you to open Slic3r separately (or any other Slicer software) and manually export it to Gcode. Then, load Gcode in RoboDK (drag & drop the file in RoboDK). It will be titled as a robot machining project but all 3D printing features will still work.

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