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3D Printing with ABB


Has anyone used an ABB Robot for 3D printing? If so what was your setup?

We are currently using RoboDK and printing via LAN-Connection. The problem is that RoboDK cannot send IO Pins via LAN, so we cannot control the extruder (Arduino+Ramps). We are starting the extruder on a fixed speed and then the RoboDK program. The problem is with complex geometries or multiple perimeters, as the extruder doesn't stop and keeps extruding.

We tried to upload the program to the IRC5 but it completely froze and we had to reset/reprogram the whole controller. 

I am open to suggestions! Thanks!
I used an external Stepper driver hooked up to the Serial port and wrote a function to send the number of steps through serial to the stepper driver. The commands were drip fed into the controller, I think the max number of lines in a program is 60,000 but loading/unloading lines is cumbersome on the controller for >2000 lines depending on your point spacing and zone definitions.
I recommend you to reduce the number of lines per program.
  1. Select Tools-Options-Program
  2. Check "Limit the maximum lines per program" and set it to 5000 or less.
The default number of lines per program is usually defined by the post processor. For ABB IRC5 controllers it is 20000 lines.

When you split a program in subprograms you'll see a main program module that loads/unloads each subprogram automatically. The folder must be placed in the controller (automatic transfer from RoboDK or using a USB drive). Make sure to set the programs path in your main program or post processor (select Program-Add/Edit Post processor, select the ABB IRC5 post and change the variable RAPID_REMOTE_PATH).

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