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3D Printing with Epson C3 Six-Axis
Hi Everybody,

I am a mechanical engineering student and I am planning on building a 3D printer with an Epson C3 six-axis arm that we have on campus. I am fairly new to programming and robotics, so I appreciate any help and guidance here. I know there aren't post processors available for the Epson, what exactly goes into creating a post-processor? I have looked at the page on post-processors for 3D printing on the website and I am still not clear on what needs to be done. It talks about modifying  a post-processor and changing the extruder value, but nothing about creating one from scratch. 

I'm sure I will have many more questions as this is all fairly new to me, I appreciate any help in advance!!

Thank you!
Where can I get guidance on this? RoboDK said they cant offer any guidance because I have an educational account.

There is a post processor for Epson robots (for Epson RC controllers). This post is used by default when you select an Epson robot in RoboDK.

More information about post processors here:

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