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3D Printing with RoboDK


We are looking into ways to 3d print clay using a KUKA robotic arm.  So far we have tried using embedded Slic3er in RoboDK, Machining Project using Gcodes obtained through the Cura slicer, and the RoboDK plug-in for Rhino to import a curve project. 

We have not been able to have full control of the path through these processes. As a test, we are trying to print a three-part tile (see attachment), where the layers need to be printed in a specific order and in a continuous path. 

Because we are getting it from the slicer software, the path moves back and forth (not continuous). 

Do you know of a process that gives us better control over the path? 


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I believe this challenge is more on the slicer software side. It may be not be straightforward if you want to have this level of control with Slic3r. There are many other slicer software options that can probably help.

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