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3D Printing with moveC command possible?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to programm my Yaskawa (HP-20d, DK250H, NX100) robot to 3D print with a cmt welding gun. 

My problem is for welding I need a steady speed because I can't control my Extruder that easy. So normally, with straight printing lines, this is no problem. But if I have a curve, the NC-Code which is generated by Slic3r contains a load of positions with small distance and and just MoveL commands. Because of these many positions my robot slows down (beacause of the deceleration for each point) and my weld gets thicker or unusable.

Has anyone an idea how to fix this problem? Is there maybe a way to get the curves generated with MoveC commands for smooth and steady movement? 

Thank you!
Hi Bernd.H, 

To improve the fluidity of your robot movement, you need to activate the rounding option of your 3d printing project. 
You can then play with the rounding value. 



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