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3dConnexion Spacemouse support

Is support for 3dConnexion's Spacemouse still being updated?

The orientation with the 6-axis knob on the Spacemouse doesn't behave as it does in other programs (Pro/Engineer and Inventor), and it looks like it ignores the Spacemouse's Advanced Settings configuration. (Spacemouse Enterprise, specifically.)

I tried changing multiple options in the Spacemouse's Advanced Settings section, none of which had any effect on how things moved in RoboDK. I even completely disabled all Navigation options for the Spacemouse and was still able to move the view in RoboDK.

Keyboard combos are hit-or-miss. I assigned Alt+1 to the ISO1 button, and it works. But if I assign Alt+3 to the Spacemouse's F (front view) button, it doesn't reorient the view.
For the 3D Connexion Space mouse you'll find some settings here:
  • Tools-Options-Other
You can adjust the speed and the behavior of the 2 main buttons.

To customize the sense of rotation you should modify the following variables in this INI file:

And set +1 or -1 to flip the sense of motion:
  • 3D_Connexion_MoveScale_1=1
  • 3D_Connexion_MoveScale_2=-1
  • 3D_Connexion_MoveScale_3=1
  • 3D_Connexion_MoveScale_4=1
  • 3D_Connexion_MoveScale_5=-1
  • 3D_Connexion_MoveScale_6=1
Ok, it took some experimenting, but I got things moving in the right directions now.

You referred to two main buttons: Is that the SpaceMouse Compact? The Enterprise has about 30 programmable buttons, in addition to the 6DOF knob.

If it's all configured through that settings.ini file - does that mean that RoboDK is using a different method of interfacing with the SpaceMouse, something that doesn't use the settings in Connexion's customization interface?

can somebody help me ?
I have 2 issue with 3dconnexion wireless mouse
1. zoom does not work
2. 2 buttons do not work with Radius menu

have you guys got same issue ?

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