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6-axis parallel link robot

Is it possible for RoboDK users to create the mechanism of a 6-axis parallel link robot?
I understand RoboDK does not provide the options for parallel link types, but I would like to know there are any ways to make it possible.

Best Regards,
Hiroe Ota
Hi Ota,

It is currently not possible to build parallel link types in a user-friendly manner. You would have to use the API to accomplish this purpose.

Dear Albert,

Thank you for your reply.

I am asking this because our customer needs to simulate KAWASAKI BX200X on RoboDK.
I know this robot has unique kinematics, but could you specify which information are required in order to accomplish it?
One of the issues seems AS language and I would like to know whether there are any other obstacles?
I might have a chance to discuss it with Kawasaki in Japan next week.

Best Regards,
Hiroe Ota
Dear Hiroe,

We would have to work with Kawasaki to integrate the unique kinematics of this Kawasaki BX200X robot. We checked the kinematics of this robot but we were unable to find an analytical solution for it.


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