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ABB IRB140 Post Processor Problem

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to generate RAPID to make the simulation on ABB IRB 140, however I’m facing some problems and I don’t know why. I’m doing the generation by right click on the program and selecting: Generate Robot Program as…


I’m using the Post Processor ABB_RAPID_Custom_PRG to generate each program, however I’m only allowed to do it on my program called 3D, if I try do it on other programs it return this error: Image here

I see that is something related with the pose_2_str(pose) function because the vector returned has a null result, but I don’t understand why this happen. If I change the post processor I can generate all the robot programs.  


Another question is that my FINAL_PROGRAMS only does calls of the other programs and I want to know if I just have to generate a program of this FINAL_PROGRAM to make the robot run all the paths or if I have to create a program for each one, separately.

Finally I would like to know if this kind of line is normal, because all that zeros on cf1,cf4, and cfx and an 1 at cf6 doesn’t make a lot of sense for me. Link here with the program

[b]MoveL [[77.552, -0.000, -10.780],[0.00000000, 0.00000000, 1.00000000, 0.00000000],[0,2,1,0],[9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]],[30.00,500,5000,1000],fine,rdkTool,\WObj:=rdkWObj;[/b]
The ABB post processor called ABB_RAPID_Custom_PRG is supposed to be a simplified post processor for you to customize the behavior of program generation.

For example, the error in your question 1 arises when you want to generate a linear movement to a joint target (green target in RoboDK). To avoid this issue, you can add a check to pose to "None" like the one available for the default ABB post processor:
        if pose is None:
            target = 'CalcRobT([%s,%s],%s,\WObj:=%s)' % (angles_2_str(joints), extaxes_2_str(joints), self.TOOLDATA, self.WOBJDATA)

This post processor is meant to generate one program only. If you want to generate all programs in one file I recommend you to use the ABB_RAPID_IRC5 post processor.

Your configuration flags for the line you sent are [0,2,1,0]. The values generated before the configuration flags are the position and the quaternion values as [x,y,z],[q1,q2,q3,q4]. The quaternion values define the orientation of the tool with respect to the reference frame.

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