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ABB IRC5 modules

Hi all wondering if some help me on the procedure for loading modules to a irc5 controller 
Say if I have five modules one labeled as main others are  1 -5 I’ve loaded the main module that have tool and world data when I try to load the others that are movement instructions it says you already have a module then it deletes the first module tool data I’ve tried loading it as PRG file I get error
Hi Patrick,

When you use Load or StartLoad on an ABB robot controller you should make sure that each module is unique. Each program module should have a unique name.

You can't load a module if it has already been loaded or it has variables or procedures that are already defined in other loaded modules. 

As an example, when you generate a long program in RoboDK it will automatically generate sub programs and load them one by one (the ABB IRC5 post processor defaults to a maximum of 20,000 lines per file but you can change it in Tools-Options-Program).

You'll see the tool (tooldata) and reference frame (wobjdata) defined in the main module.

PROC Main()
   TPWrite "Starting Subprogram 1/3";
   ! Load the first program (may take some time)
   modulepath1 := "/hd0a/Enter-Serial-Number/HOME/RoboDK/Milling_0.mod";
   Load \Dynamic, modulepath1;
   modulepath2 := "/hd0a/Enter-Serial-Number/HOME/RoboDK/Milling_1.mod";
   StartLoad modulepath2, load2;
   Unload modulepath1;
   modulepath1 := "";

   TPWrite "Starting Subprogram 2/3";
   ! Wait for the program to be ready (fast)
   WaitLoad load2;
   modulepath1 := "/hd0a/Enter-Serial-Number/HOME/RoboDK/Milling_2.mod";
   StartLoad modulepath1, load1;
   Unload modulepath2;
   modulepath2 := "";


   TPWrite "Program completed";


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