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ABB K Positioners

I haven't been able to find our ABB K type positioner in the robot library. I've attached the step files for our custom sized one (K1000 D1600) but here is the link for all of the CAD files. Could some of those be added please?

In the meantime, I'm struggling to build the mechanism in RoboDK by myself. I tried following the tutorials in this webinar, but I keep ending up with three separate mechanisms instead of one mechanism with three axes. Are there any other resources I could reference on how to build a Ferris wheel positioner?


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We use a similar positioner in this station:

Do you need this positioner for OLP or for simulation?
I have seen that station. But I wasn't able to figure out how to make that work in a new station. I couldn't copy/paste it and when I tried to replicate it, as noted in my first post, it just turned into three separate mechanisms and didn't seem to work right.

I'm guessing OLP stands for Off Line Programming? That's what I need it for.
You can model the ABB K positionners as three separate one-axis mechanisms. We have no mechanism in RoboDK that would help you model this as one single unit. Also, for offline programming purposes, you can use the first axis a positionner (in your post processor this can be hardcoded at a certain angle, for example, 0 deg, 90 deg, 180 or -90 deg), and the other 2 axes can be the synchronized axes (but only one at a time can be used in synchronization for offline programming purposes.

This is the same way we modelled the sample project that Alex shared:

You may need to adjust the axis mapping in the post processor to generate valid code for this system.

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