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ABB Yumi Coordionate systems problems

Hello everybody,

in the attachment, you can find one offline cell that I am building for one University.

I have tried to reach a point that is described in relation to external defined coordinate system (not robot base or anything else)

However, it seems to me that the robot is trying to reach the coordinates that are described as its own base (base from one part of Yumi) although I clearly stated that the targets base is my "Frame_lid2" and it is correctly displayed.

I hope you understood my problem :)

Any support would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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.rdk   cell1_v3.rdk (Size: 4.91 MB / Downloads: 401)
Hi Tom,

You created a Cartesian target attached to the robot reference but you are trying to use a local coordinate system instead. You should properly set the robot reference and the tool in your program before you move to a target. 

The main goal of moving a robot to a target that's on a different coordinate system is to replicate and existing program in another location.

In short, the dependency of items in the tree is important. You can right click a target and select "Change support (Shift+Drag)" to move it to another reference frame while keeping the absolute position.

This section will help you better understand targets and reference frames:


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Hi Albert,

thanks for your answer!

That was my first attempt when my target was in frame "frame_lid2" but the robot moved exactly the same (in the base of the second arm). My intention is that the target is in "frame_lid2" (which you can see in the corner next to the test tube), thats why I put in the program this instruction "Set Ref.: frame_lid2". For some reason, it looks like the robot is still moving to the target in relation to other arm base. Could it be possible that there is something wrong with representation of the cell on my computer?

Thank you for your help!

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Hi everybody!

I'm a student and i'm trying to do a task with robodk using the YUMI ABB IRB14000 Robot. In this case, i don't be able to create Pick&Place task with YUMI.

When I try to create a target in the workspace of the robot, e.g create  "Home" target, the programm notifies that robot doesn't reach target, but i'm sure that robot is inside in his workspace.

Someone can help me? Thanks so much.

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