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ABB external axis

I have a robotic cell configuration with an ABB 6-axis robot and a 2-Axis turntable integrated in the same controller. I want to know if there is a driver and api available to work online with the turntable, since the version I have of RDK_DriverSocket sends the 6 positions of robot joints, but it does not implement external axis.

Also, the axis ID number of the turntable are 8 and 9 (7 is reserved for a linear track which is not currently integrated). Although I can change this in the ABB postprocessor for offline programming, Is there a way to specify the ID of the turntable axis in the Robodk configuration?

Have you figured this out?

I have the same problem but with my Kuka 6-axis robot and kuka external axis.
Both are connected to my KRC4 cabinet and i want to use them online.
This requires customizing the robot driver to properly map your axes to the correct index in RoboDK. It is better if you send us an email for this.

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