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ADD Onrobot RG2 tool

Hello, I'm interested in add to the library the Onrobot tool RG2.
I could import the step file and create the tool, but i want to make it also functional for the simulations like the robotiq 2F-85. Both tools have similar configurations, so the process should be quite similar.
I made other tools functional using the model mechanism option of the Utilities in RoboDK, but this one is not a regular 2 finger gripper.
Do anybody know some tutorial where I can found how to achive that?

I record a small video with the two grippers.
Thanks in advance

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.mp4   2023-12-28 18-36-26.mp4 (Size: 472.12 KB / Downloads: 28)
Can you share the 3D model of the OnRobot RG2 gripper?
Hello Albert, thanks for your promt reply.

I can't attach the 3D mode directly because it weights more that the 2MB allowed.

I paste the Onrobot link instead:

The gripper is supposed to use with the OnRobot Quick Tool Changer that it is already in the robodk library.

I can create the gripper for myself, but without movements.

Thanks again for your support.

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