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APT FiLE - FEEDRates - Set Acceleration direct in input APT

Hi all,
I would like know if it is possible control "Set acceleration" settings directly in importe APT?

Now we output FEDRAT/ 9000.00000, MMPM.

Or it is possible to set default Set acceleration value which provide that when I import apt file, all feedrate instruction will include my default value in "Set acceleration" field?

Thank you so much.
Hi Pavel,

It is not possible to set the acceleration from APT code. However, you can create code output using the command CODE and customize your output in the post. You can also create program calls with the command CALL, you can then change the acceleration in a subprogram.

More information about the supported commands here:

Hi Albert,
thank you for your tip.
I was edit postprocesor and I used some line from program events. 
It works good.

If you add field for acceleration in Program events, same as set Rouding field, it will be really fantastic (picture in attachment)

What you mean about this enhancement Albert?

Hi Pavel,

There is no picture attached.

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