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I would like to transfer the robot I drew in SolidWorks to RoboDK and simulate it but I encountered some problems.

In photo 1, I transferred my robot from SolidWorks with stepap214 in step format.

In photo 2, I transferred it from SolidWorks with stl format. Unfortunately, both results failed.

Then I tried your answer at "" but that window never opened in step format. In stl format, I clicked on "more options", but the options you said did not appear. (photo 3)

Apart from that, I manually brought the parts together and turned them into a robot. However, the shape was distorted when I changed the angles because the robot was not assembled and it was observed as similar to photo 5.

Since the ways I mentioned above did not work; finally, I added the RoboDK extension to SolidWorks. I changed the solidworks robodk settings to step. then I changed it to tools / options / CAD / lood as assembly in robodk. In this way, it was observed as in photo 4, but when I created a mechanism and changed the angles, it was seen as in photo 5. 

I appreciate if you could help me with this problem.
Thank you in advance for your help. 
I wish you a good day.

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Hi Sinan,

You need to import them in step214, one part at a time, but all with the base of the robot as an origin.

What I generally do is open my assembly in SW, hide or suppress all parts but the base, save as step named Robot - Base.
Then show/unsuppressed joint 1 and hide/suppress the base, save as step name Robot - J1.

When you import to RDK afterward, they should line up properly.

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I did what you said. The robot came together but when I moved it moved independently. (photo 1)

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your help. I solved the problem.


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