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AUBO move track postprocessor


I'm trying to create a sanding program using an Aubo robot.
For the sanding  I want to smoothly follow a surface, so  I place some targets on the surface with the teach_targets_on_surface function and create a program. I also add a speed setting and a rounding settting.
Simulation looks fine.
I generate a robot program using the AUBO move track postprocessor.

When I load the new program onto the robot a couple of things are not as expected.
1. The speed does not seem to be constant
2. The interpolation between targets seem to be made in a jointwise manner, not linearly with respect to the tool.

I tried looking at the postprocessor but the options for it are very limited and the source seems to be a .pyc file i can't access.

In essence my question is: What exactly is this postprocessor doing? And is there a way to change it?

I will attach a version of my program for clarity.

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