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Ability to create spline movements for Kuka


I'd like to be able to create spline linear (SLIN) movements for my Kuka programs within RoboDK.

Hi Jeff,

Funny you ask because I just added this beta feature this week.
I say it's in beta because I wrote the post-processor solely base on the KUKA documentation.
One client tested it and it worked. But that's about it.

Do you have any experience with that feature? (Spline and spline block)
Because, as for now, it generated spline block and it only uses SPL.
After reading the doc, I didn't find any good reasons to integrate the SLIN.
Don't get me wrong, I see the difference between SPL and SLIN, but according to the doc, linking two SLIN together, if not colinear, will result in a zero velocity point.
This pretty much defeats the purpose of a spline block.
Therefore you absolutely need to have SPL in your spline block.
Always according to the doc, SPLs are not suited for long straight lines, this is where SLIN could come handy.
But I prefer splitting long straight lines into smaller segments using RoboDK and use the SPL.

Any additional info you might have will be welcome.
If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can send me an "example" code.
Hi Jeremy,

Excited to hear this update.  Currently I am using RoboDK to produce the program and points then editing the program by deleting the moves and adding a spline block and SPL moves to the points.

I've attached an example of a motion path.

I use splines to avoid motion stoppages and my paths are developed from CAD so my path lengths are short enough where SLIN are not required although I may wish to use SLINs in the future.


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.rdk   KukaDiver.rdk (Size: 1.02 MB / Downloads: 595)
Hi Jeff, 

Here's the post-processor. 

I also created a small Python macro to split the long lines into small ones. 
Also attached. 

Have a great day. 

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.py (Size: 36.49 KB / Downloads: 733)
.py (Size: 4.55 KB / Downloads: 577)
Hi Jeremy,

Is this available for the KRC2? I need to 3D print smoothly without jerking movements

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